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Brewster's Oysters and Cape Cod Beer
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Buy Fresh, Buy Local
Brewster's Oysters and Cape Cod Beer


This season, Ocean Edge has teamed up with oyster farmer Brian Daley and Cape Cod Beer to bring you the freshest oysters and beer on Cape Cod.

First the oysters.

The oysters are raised off Ocean Edge's Bay Pines Beach on the tidal flats of Brewster, nestled in the inside elbow of Cape Cod Bay. The Town of Brewster keeps an oyster farm at the end of Ocean Edge beach walkway and next to the Town Farm is the Daley Farm. Brian Daley's oysters are sold to local restaurants like Ocean Terrace.

This season, Ocean Edge guests will be able to take a guided tour of the oyster farms, and learn about the work the Town of Brewster and Brian Daley are doing to help the local economy and aquaculture. Pearls of wisdom right here.

Now the beer.

Introducing Bayzo Brew!

We have teamed up with Cape Cod Beer to offer our guests a locally brewed Pale Ale. With the hints of citrus in the aroma, a subtle malt sweetness and all of the hop qualities that you'll find in a fine tuned, well-crafted Pale Ale, Bayzo Brew is the perfect beer to accompany oyster slurping at Ocean Terrace.

Cape Cod Beer has been Cape Cod's only microbrewery since 2004, and is committed to producing the freshest beer on Cape Cod. Given that it's only four towns away - we're sure it's super fresh - and that's what local beer is all about. With just the right amount of Cascade hops, this Ocean Edge special brew pairs perfectly with the fresh local oysters, and tastes great after a day on the beach or golf course. Once you take a sip, you'll figure out why Cape Cod Beer is "A Vacation in Every Pint".

So smile as you slurp and sip this summer at Ocean Edge. You'll be experiencing the best Cape has to offer, and supporting local businesses when you do so.

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