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Group Recreation

Our remarkable Cape Cod hotel resort is the perfect place for a company or group retreat. We have many popular team-building activities, both indoors and outdoors, for any size group. Advance reservations are required. Please note: some programs are seasonal, and prices are subject to change.Learn more about these activities.

  • Adult Field Day

    Splash and dash at Adult Field Day! Four-member teams compete in a variety of activities including swim relays, running through tires, tennis matches, sack races, basketball games, and water volleyball.

    Length of Event 4-5 hours

    Pricing starts at $555

  • Build Your Own Boat

    Team building at its best! Teams race against the clock to build a working, human-powered boat using minimal supplies and a lot of creativity. But that's just the start. Teams also have to decorate and name their crafts, appoint a team captain, and create a wacky team cheer to share with all.

    After completing their watercraft, the competition peaks. Teams head to our outdoor pool (weather permitting) where they put their talents to the test. One at a time, teams christen their boats with an introduction and cheer. Then they launch them to compete for the best time. The captain is required to be in the boat from start to finish.

    Length of event 2-3 hours

    Pricing starts at $250/team (up to 6/team)

  • Flag Football

    Enjoy a competitive game of flat football on our five-acre front lawn (depending on availability). Organized games include referee, scorekeeper, all equipment and a set of rules.

    Length of Event 1½-2 hours

    Pricing starts at $250 (10-30p)

  • Sand Sculpting

    Great fun for the young at heart! Get a little sandy and create a masterpiece with friends and co-workers, or work independently to bring your creation to life. We can turn the event into a contest or just provide the shovels and tools (maybe even a little coloring for added fun); all you need is your imagination!

    Length of Event 1½-3 hours

    Pricing starts at $1500

  • Survivor

    Inspired by the popular television show, each team creates their own tribal identity and competes against other tribes in various challenges. This activity focuses not only on team-building, but creativity and innovation.

    Pricing starts at $75 per person

  • Ultimate Frisbee

    A competitive game of ultimate Frisbee on our expansive five-acre front lawn (depending on availability). Organized game includes referee, all equipment and a formally prepared field. Length of Event 1½-2 hours (Depends on length of play)

    Pricing starts at $150 (10-20 people)

    +$50 per hour for facilitator

  • Beach Bonfire

    Do you remember being a kid and standing around the campfire with a marshmallow burning at the end of a stick? Do it all over again at the Ocean Edge beach bonfire held on our private bayside beach. You and your guests can enjoy the sunset, gather around the fire, toast your marshmallows and reminisce. We will even provide chocolate and graham crackers to complete the experience with s'mores.

    To set the mood, we can arrange for an acoustic guitar player (at an additional charge) to serenade your group until the last ember burns out.

    Length of event 2-3 hours (must be off beach by 10:00pm)

    Pricing: Starts at $800 (up to 50p/fire pit)

  • Group Treasure Hunt

    A great orientation to the resort! We organize and lead a treasure hunt that remains within the boundaries of Ocean Edge Resort. Your "pirates" follow the clues and treasure map to locate the buried treasure. "Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum. This treasure hunt has just begun."

    Length of Event 1-2 hours

    Pricing starts $300/group

  • Photo Scavenger Hunt

    You cannot be camera-shy and win this version of our scavenger hunt! We will send your guests across our property to collect items from clues given. These clues will require teams to be creative, while the team photographer captures it all on film. The first team to decipher the clues and reach their destinations will win -- but only if they have the photographs to prove it! The photographer must be different for each picture, and one photo must include all teammates.

    Length of Event 1½-2 hours

    Price: $200/team (up to 10/team)

  • Scavenger Hunt

    We will use the entire property to find anything and everything; do you know where to pick up a golf tee? Can you tell me the hours Fletcher Pool is open? Do you have two different colored socks? The team to return with all the necessary items, in the least amount of time, will be the champions. This event can be custom-tailored to the needs of the group.

    Length of event 1-2 hours

    Pricing starts at $300 (6-75people)

  • The Great Chase

    The Great Chase is to a scavenger hunt like an ECO-Challenge is to a 5k run. The event is designed to offer an insane range of activities geared to all levels of risk, skill, creativity, endurance and fitness. Your goal is to work as a team to select and complete activities within a two-hour period to maximize the number of points for your team. Activities include puzzles, group blowguns, mountain biking, orienteering, chipping contest and others.

    Length of Event 2-2½ hours

    Price $1500 (up to 25p)

  • Volleyball Tournament

    Enjoy a competitive game of volleyball on our expansive five-acre front lawn (depending on availability). Organized game includes all the supplies and equipment set-up with regulation boundary lines

    Length of Event 1½-2 hours (Depends on length of play)

    Pricing starts at $150/court for equipment and supply set-up (5-20 people)

    -$50/hour for facilitator (2-12+people)

  • Bingo

    This classic game is fun for everyone. The facilitator will provide all the supplies and call the numbers. See if you can be the first one with the correct numbers. Event can also include prizes.

    Length of event 1-2 hours (depends on length of play)

    Pricing starts at $250 (6-50p)

    Does not include cost of prizes if the group does not bring their own

  • Guided Biking

    Tour Cape Cod on our rail trail with a trained guide! This biking tour stops at some of our famed local beaches and other popular landmarks. Length of Event 1½-3 hours

    Pricing starts at $40/person

  • Private Kids Club Program

    Would you like to have an adults-only reception but are not sure what to do with the children? This is the perfect event to keep the children busy!

    Length of Event 3-4 hours

    Pricing starts at $45/child (depending on length of program and number of children)

  • Softball Tournament

    Enjoy a competitive game of softball on our rolling five-acre front lawn (depending on availability). Organized game includes referee, scorekeeper, all the equipment, and the formally prepared playing field. Length of Event 1.5-2 hours (Depends on length of play)

    Pricing starts at $250 (15-25people)

    Price $150 for supply and equipment set-up

  • The Great Egg Drop

    Length of Event 1½-2 hours

    Price $300/team (Up to 6 people per team)