Slurp local, sip local.

Cape Cod Oyster Tours

Enjoy the bounty of local waters and ingenuity with harvest-fresh Brewster oysters and our private label Bayzo Brew pale ale.

Fresh Brewster Oysters

Brewster’s popular oysters are raised just off our beach, on the tidal flats of Brewster. Brewster’s iconic oyster farmer Brian Daley’s Farm is located adjacent to our private Bay Pines Beach and supplies local restaurants, including our own.

Oyster Bed Tours

Guided walking tours take Ocean Edge guests through the aquaculture of the oyster farms to learn how the Town of Brewster and Brian Daley are boosting the health of the local economy and environment, deliciously.

Tours are available Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend. Please check back for a list of dates and times.

Private paid group tours are available in advance during the off-season.

Refreshing Bayzo’s Brew

Discover our private label pale ale, brewed locally by Cape Cod Beer. With hints of citrus, a subtle malt sweetness and all of the hop qualities of a well-crafted American pale ale, Bayzo’s Brew is the perfect ice-cold accompaniment to just-shucked Brewster oysters. Bayzo’s Brew is available at Bayzo’s Pub, Ocean Terrace, and the Beach Bar.