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Ocean Edge Wizarding Academy

School Vacation Week, February 18-26

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Cast your sights and spells on Wizarding Week at Ocean Edge as the enchanting fun returns this February for what The Boston Globe called a "charming getaway for school break." Join us for another bewitching week of spell casting, magic workshops, and competition against your fellow classmates to win the house cup.
Our new Headmaster will bring new excitement to Ocean Edge with clever twists on classic games, themed dinner, cloak making, quidditch in the pool, movie nights, classes and more! After class, make a splash in our two indoor pools, which have been bewitched to the perfect warm temperature.
Cast a sleeping spell and stay close to the magic in our plush Mansion guest wings and multi-bed villas or enjoy the comforts of home in our one bedroom villas at The Villages.
Now the only question is will you travel by train, floo powder, or flying car? Bonus points if you arrive by hippogriff.

Ocean Edge… where mischief is managed and dress up is always encouraged!

Please note that all young witches and witches attending activities must be accompanied by an adult.


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