Best Wedding Photo Locations on Cape Cod

Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club offers beautiful settings throughout the 429 acre property for weddings of all sizes.



Cape Cod Bay

Let Cape Cod Bay be your something blue. Whether your wedding is on the beach or you simply wish to have the ocean blue as your backdrop, the shores of Cape Cod Bay are the perfect setting for your wedding photography. You will love our private beach tucked away in quaint Brewster. On a clear day, the entire arm of Cape Cod can be seen on the horizon including Provincetown and the Pilgrim Monument. At low tide, our beach extends out one mile to reveal the Brewster Flats. This giant sand playground reveals wondrous white sand and small tide pools, and provides a stunning landscape. Your wedding photos will give you lifetime memories, just as the horizon appears to extend forever until it reaches the sky. Sunset, sand, ocean and land will all be in view, and offer the true essence of Cape Cod.

The Mansion Front Lawn

Whether you host your wedding on our Mansion Front Lawn, invite your guests to a croquet brunch, or simply wish to use the lawn as your backdrop, the stately feel of the emerald landscape offers a stunning setting for any size group. The Mansion, the Carriage House, and our lavish Linden Tree line the lawn complement every color scheme of your bouquets, dresses, and suits. Spring brings out the life of the floral patterns and your intricate bouquets. Wedding parties are welcome to use every inch of the lawn in the summer, and utilize our amenities such as our fleet of bikes and croquet court. The Cape Cod fall color scheme is unmatched with the changing leaves of the New England foliage. In the wintertime, the lawn becomes blanketed in white and transforms into a winter wonderland. Every season brings a different look and opportunity to make it your own.

The Nickerson Mansion

Built in 1912, our historic Nickerson Mansion serves as the cornerstone of our 429 acre Resort. The Mansion originated as a summer home for a wealthy family with ties to the Brewster area, and has grown to become the summer home for so many more families. Built off the idea of family, what better place for a wedding and to join two families into one? The exterior offers beautiful architecture, a wide view of Cape Cod Bay, and colorful foliage in spring, summer and fall. Every inch of the interior carries a historic yet timeless feel. The grand staircase is complemented by the elegant chandelier. Three of the upstairs rooms feature their own balconies with views of Cape Cod Bay that can be found in few places on Cape Cod.

The Stone Tower

Dating back to 1890, the year the original Mansion was built by the Nickerson family, the stone tower once served as a water well to provide the family with fresh water. Now, the tower serves as a wonderful backdrop for photos. With a pond nearby and low hanging foliage, the location offers an elegant ambiance that cannot be found anywhere else on property. From the upscale to the casual, every type of wedding party will get lost in the magical and gothic structure, which looks stunning throughout each season.