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Our Beachfront Cape Cod Resort

Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club is an upscale, family-friendly hotel, located on Cape Cod Bay. It’s split into two distinct areas: The Mansion, a Victorian-style building that’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and The Villages, a collection of cozy villas that are steps away from golf, kayaking, and more.

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The Nicksersons

Though the historic structure of Ocean Edge has stood for over a century, it was not originally a boutique hotel. Samuel Mayo Nickerson, a Chicago financial tycoon and a descendant of Cape Cod’s early puritan settlers, purchased 48 acres of land and developed a sprawling estate for his family. The two buildings—a palatial Victorian mansion called “Fieldstone Hall” and a Tudor-style stable on the hill that overlooked Cape Cod Bay—became a site for high society to convene for lavish parties and grew to be the Nickerson family’s favored summer retreat.

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The La Salettes

In 1945, the Nickerson mansion was sold to the La Salette religious order. For nearly 40 years, its peaceful grounds and serene settings served as a place of meditation and sacred learning for the seminary students of La Salette.

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Mansion History book

Uncover a century’s worth of history at The Mansion at Ocean Edge, marked by three distinct names, owners, and eras. The mansion’s rich story is captured in spectacular detail in The Nickerson Mansion: A History of Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club.

Our Lineage

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Samuel Mayo Nickerson, a descendent of Cape Cod’s Puritan settlers, constructs Fieldstone Hall on a 48-acre parcel of land for his son, Roland, and his family.

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After 15-plus years as the hub of Brewster’s social scene, Fieldstone Hall mysteriously burns down. The loss of the home leaves Roland Nickerson destitute; he would die of illness two weeks later.

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Aided by Samuel Nickerson, Roland’s widow, Addie, began construction of a new residence on Fieldstone Hall’s original foundation.

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The new house — complete with soundproofing stucco, Italian marble fireplaces, and fine woodwork — is completed.

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The Nickerson family sells the mansion to the LaSalette religious order, which then converted the property into a seminary.

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Real estate developer Corcoran Jennison purchases the mansion.

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The Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club first opens its doors.

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Renovated and restored to preserve its historic character, the property is now recognized as one of the finest hotels on Cape Cod.