Ocean Edge

Golf Course Gallery & Details

Cape Cod's only 18-hole Nicklaus Design Golf Course featuring professional programming, lessons, and camps.

Hole 1

The Nicklaus Design opens with is a short par 4 featuring a generous landing area and undulating green. Position a 220 yard tee shot left center of the fairway. The approach shot, 100 – 115 yards, requires distance and trajectory control. A pin located in the back of the green is best played with a lower trajectory shot intended to release up the steep slope to get to the back.

Hole 2

Dogleg right, par 4 that plays longer than the distance on the card. Target the left side framing bunker off the tee; 240 yards from the Blue tees, 265 from the Black tees. There is more room on the right, past the 150 yard barber pole, than what appears. Play the approach shot to carry the center of the green, avoiding the deep front protective bunkers and slick false front.

Hole 3

Difficult Par 3 featuring a green narrow in depth and well protected by two bunkers in front and a small shallow bunker in the back! Safe play is left center of the green. If the pin is back right, 3 is a good score! When playing this hole, note the left to right cross wind that works against the ball. Any missed tee shots short and right are difficult up and downs.

Hole 4

Dogleg left, par 5, reachable in two for the player who can clear the right center of the bunker guarding the inside corner of the dogleg. The conservative route is to the width of the fairway to the right of the bunker, creating the traditional three shot par five. A large receptive green, great opportunity to score!

Hole 5

A devilish par 4, dogleg left, playing longer than the yardage. The aggressive tee shot challenges the left edge of the fairway, cutting off significant yardage. The bunker complexes protecting the front of a narrow green, demands distance control on the approach. There is ample room left and right of the green for recovery; shots long and short put hazards into play.

Hole 6

A straightaway par 4 that demands accuracy off the tee to set-up a short iron approach shot. Trust the yardage to play past the deep bunkers protecting the false front of the elevated green. The trouble on this hole is what you see in front of the green.

Hole 7

442 yard, par 4, dogleg right hole that is well protected off the tee and around the green. Missing left is not an option; a ball missed left is either out of bounds or lost. Use the left side of the center fairway bunker as your line off the tee. Favor the right side of the green for the approach, regardless of pin position. The ball will tend to funnel left, back to center.

Hole 8

Play the yardage to the center of the green. Par is a good score, especially if the pin is top right. There is room long of the green, with plenty of options to get up and down to save par. The water hazard is environmentally protected; playing from the hazard is not allowed. Players must either re-tee or drop from the most forward part of the upper tee.

Hole 9

A great match play, risk – reward, par 5. Players want to challenge the right side of the fairway, protected by long, deep fairway bunkers, to give the best view and angel to challenge the 50 yard wide ravine that crosses the fairway. The player that successfully challenges the ravine, the downward slope of the fairway will chase the ball to the front part of the green.

Hole 10

Dogleg right par 4, with a generous landing area off the tee and a receptive green. The conservative player will favor the right side of the green with the approach to take advantage of the collection areas to the right that coral any errant shots. To attack this hole and set-up the best angle for the approach shot, the player needs to challenge the right hand fairway bunker.

Hole 11

A challenging par 4 that needs to be set up with an aggressive tee shot down the right side of the fairway. The contour of the fairway will funnel the ball back towards center. The approach shot is all carry, aiming for the left center of the green, regardless of pin placement. The green contours and general slope are from left to right.

Hole 12

A short, demanding par 4, measuring only 358 yards from the Black Tees, that feature an open fairway off the tee and a well protected, undulating green. The green is protected by deep bunkers front and right. Distance control with the short irons is the key to scoring on this deceptively challenging short par 4!

Hole 13

The only hole on the golf course without a bunker! Look at the pin position prior to playing the tee shot. A pin position front or right center makes the more conservative tee shot, to the wide upper left portion of the fairway, the better approach option. A pin position center or back, challenge the right side of the fairway with the driver to leave a shorter approach.

Hole 14

A hole that must be challenged off the tee to set up the best approach shot. The approach shot from the left side of the fairway, brings the bunkers in play off the tee but leaves the green exposed for an aggressive play. The conservative tee shot to the right of the bunkers creates a much more demanding approach shot over bunkers onto the undulating green.

Hole 15

Another devilish par 4 hole that puts pressure on the players’ short and middle iron play. Use the left side of the center fairway bunker as the line of play off the tee. This green is very well designed to accept the short iron approach shot. Play the yardage for carry and account for the large, raised bunker complexes protecting the right side of the green.

Hole 16

The only par 3 Hole on the back nine, the 16th starts the scoring challenge of the final three holes to get back to the clubhouse. This par 3 hole features a well protected elevated green that slopes from left to right, and plays into a prevailing left to right wind! There is plenty of room on the right side to get up and down to save par.

Hole 17

Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club, Nicklaus Design, Signature Hole! This is an uphill, dogleg left, par 5 hole that measures 600 yards! Length and accuracy are critical to make par! Avoid the fairway bunkers on the left to set up the approach shot. Play the yardage, the greenside bunker protects a false front that makes the green seem closer than the actual distance.

Hole 18

The closing hole of the Ocean Edge Nicklaus Design encourages the player to challenge the dogleg and carry the bunkers. Too conservative a play off the tee will create difficulty in a longer approach shot. If successful tee shot over the bunkers leaves a short iron, uphill approach shot to a well protected green. Any errant shot will make for a difficult par!