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April School Vacation
April School Vacation Week


Set the stage for an epic April adventure at Ocean Edge, where the Olympic flame ignites family fun and competition! Picture this: a ten-day marathon of joy, starting April 12th through the 21st, where you and your loved ones can test your mettle in a variety of Olympic-inspired games. Imagine the laughter as you go head-to-head in Bocce, learn the finesse of Pickleball, and strategize in a thrilling game of Capture the Flag. Dive into adventure in our welcoming heated pools, challenge your family to a playful round of Bucket Golf, cheer each other on and go toe-to-toe with other families in a Three-Legged Race, then wind down with captivating tales of heroism during Family Movie Night.

Book now and spark a legacy of family victories this April!

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S'mores Beach Fires

Rest and relax after a day of friendly competition at one of our complimentary beach fires on our private beach. We'll bring the s'mores ingredients. You bring the smiles!

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:00PM


When: Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday at 10:00 AM

Location: Mansion Front Lawn Complimentary

Enjoy a touch of traditional Italian lawn bowling with our family-friendly Bocce events. It’s a perfect casual competition to start off your morning.

No Reservations Needed Join us for a game of skill and fun.

Family Capture the Flag

When: Sunday, Wednesday at 1:00 PM & Monday, Thursday 10:00 AM

Location: Mansion Lawn Complimentary

Experience the thrill of strategy and teamwork with Family Capture the Flag. This classic outdoor game is a fantastic way to encourage active play and family bonding.

No Reservations Needed Show up ready for some friendly competition.

Golf Swing Showdown

When: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday at 11:00 AM

Location: Mansion Front Lawn Call to Reserve

Show off your golfing skills at our Golf Swing Showdown. Perfect your putt and drive in a friendly family environment.

Reservations Appreciated Call 774-323-6200 to secure your spot.


Reservations recommended 12-24 hours in advance. Exclusive to resort guests and club members.

Bucket Golf

When: Daily at 12:00 PM Location: Mansion Front Lawn Complimentary

Bucket Golf combines skill and fun for an innovative game that's enjoyable for all ages. Grab a club and see how you score in this unique challenge.

No Reservations Needed Step up to the tee and enjoy!

Reservations recommended 12-24 hours in advance. Ideal for families looking to try something new.

Swimming Laps

When: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 4:00 PM

Location: Fletcher Pool Complimentary

Take a refreshing dip and enjoy some leisurely laps in the Fletcher Pool. It’s a great way for the whole family to stay active and beat the heat.

No Reservations Needed Jump in for a swim at your convenience.


When: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 12:00 PM

Location: Fletcher Complex


Set, serve, and spike at our daily Volleyball games. Whether you're playing for the first time or you're a seasoned pro, join us for some active fun and friendly competition under the sun.

No Reservations Needed Gather your team or join one on-site for some volley action.

Family Three-Legged Race

When: Monday, Friday at 11:00 AM

Location: Mansion Front Lawn Complimentary

Tie up for some laughter and teamwork at the Family Three-Legged Race. Partner with your child for a bonding experience that's as hilarious as it is heartwarming.

No Reservations Needed Step right up and get ready to race!

Pickleball Clinic

When: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 2:30 PM

Location: Bayside Tennis Complex Call to Reserve

Discover the fast-growing sport of Pickleball with our dedicated clinics. It's a paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, suitable for all ages and skills.

Reservations Appreciated Call 774-323-6060 to reserve your place on the court.


Reservations recommended 12-24 hours in advance. A dynamic and sociable sport that's easy to learn but challenging to master.

Mind Warm Ups

When: Daily at 9:00 AM

Location: La Salette Lounge Complimentary

Activate your family's intellect with our Mind Warm Ups. These brain-boosting activities are designed to engage and excite, preparing you for a day of Cape Cod Olympics fun.

No Reservations Needed Begin your day with mental agility.

Family Movie Night

When: Daily at 6:30 PM

Location: The Samuel Room, Carriage House Complimentary

Close out your day with our Family Movie Night, featuring family-friendly films that will entertain and inspire. It's the perfect relaxing end to an eventful day.

No Reservations Needed Join us for a memorable night of cinema!

Tennis Clinic

When: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 2:30 PM

Location: Bayside Tennis Complex Call to Reserve

Serve up some excitement with our Tennis Clinics. Whether you're just learning or looking to improve your game, our clinics provide a fun and supportive environment to play and learn.

Reservations Appreciated Call 774-323-6060 to book your session.


Reservations recommended 12-24 hours in advance. Perfect for all ages looking to learn the basics or refine their technique.

Bike Rentals

Available: Daily, See Attendant at Bayside Tennis Complex Complimentary for guests

Explore Cape Cod on two wheels! Our Bike Rentals offer a fun and healthy way to see the sights. Whether you're looking for a leisurely ride or a bit of adventure, we have bikes for all ages.

No Reservations Needed Visit the Bayside Tennis Complex to pick up your bike.

Bear Factory

When: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 4:00 PM

Location: Ocean Edge Room

Participation Fee: $30.00

Create a cherished memento at our Bear Factory. Personalize a plush bear to take home as a lasting memory of your Cape Cod adventure.

Reservations Appreciated Send an email or click below to reserve:


Reservations made 12-24 hours in advance appreciated. A fun and creative activity for children.

Family Flag Football

Family Flag Football 

When: Saturday at 1:00 PM

Location: Mansion Lawn Complimentary

Huddle up for a game of Family Flag Football. It's all the fun of the touchdown without the tackle. Perfect for families to engage in some friendly, active competition.

No Reservations Needed Just bring your game face and team spirit!

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