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Make Memories & Make Friends

Edgeventure Youth Dropoff Program

Summer vacation is all about making memories, so why not make some friends while you're at it. Kids are invited to join us for one, two, or all three of our EdgeVenture Sessions happening daily this summer. Each day has three sessions, and each session has a unique theme. From beach games to pool parties and superheroes to wizarding academy! If the theme doesn't interest you, don't worry! Each session also has a games and crafts component. We will supply everything. You bring the smiles.

Program runs June 21 through Labor Day Weekend.

Morning Session

10:00AM-12:00PM, $35 per child

Afternoon Session

1:00PM-3:00PM, $35 per person

Evening Session

5:00-8:00PM, $60 per person and includes dinner

To register, please email our Director of FUN, Brandon Katz, at

Meeting Spot: Please meet at the Ocean Edge Room located immediately behind the Carriage House. You may access by walking to the right side of the Carriage House. 

Children must be ages 4-13 and must be potty trained and able to swim (for the sessions at the pool).



Tag your it! Now its your turn to have fun while we play traditional tag and creative versions of the classic game.

AFTERNOON: Bubble Time

Bring a bubbly personality to this bubble-ifically fun time! We will have all sorts of fun with bubbles.

NIGHT: Beach Fire Bash

Enjoy this quintessential Cape Cod experience down on our private beach. A beach fire, dinner, sunset, and more... and s'more. Please meet at the Ocean Edge Room located immediately behind the Carriage House. You can access by walking to the right side of the Carriage House.


MORNING: Water Wars

Splish splash you'll be having a bash! Come prepared to get wet on The Front Lawn and prepared to have some fun.

AFTERNOON: All Things Crafty

Embrace your creative side as we all creative works of art from scratch.

NIGHT: Movie Night

It's showtime! Join us for a classic movie night with popcorn, snacks, drinks, and laughs.


MORNING: Scavenger Hunt

Some of the hunt may not be so easy, but it will be easy to have a good time and make new friends during this scavenger hunt.

AFTERNOON: Ocean Edge Sports

Embrace the beautiful weather with classic team sporte like soccer, football, and more exciting games.

NIGHT: Glow Party

It’s Party Time. We will hand out glow stick to all children and dance the night away.


MORNING: Kids Olympics

Participate in various obstacle course/activities and try to win a medal. Everyone's a winner in our book though!

AFTERNOON: Build A Sandcastle

Carve out some time to sculpt your best creation in the sand. You imagination is your best tool. Build a traditional castle or make it a magical volcano or secret lighthouse.

NIGHT: Bear Factory

EDGEventure is the perfect place to make new friends, but here is you opportunity to really MAKE a new friend! Build your very own stuffed animal friend with a range of outfits.


MORNING: Boat Racing

Mind the buoys! Race a toy motor boat across the pool and try to beat the other boats.


Lets go swimming in our indoor pool. We will have games and contests.

NIGHT: Galaxy Quest

We will be transported off this planet with the lights out and glowing stars all around us. To infinity and beyond!


MORNING: Beach Games

From cornhole and ladderball to frisbee more, the fun is endless when you're at the beach!

AFTERNOON: Relay Races

Join a team - a team of new friends - and compete together to get passed obstacles together.

NIGHT: Harry Potter Night

Create your own wands, cloaks and so much more. Which house will you be sorted into?


MORNING: Ships Ahoy!

Our ship themed playground inspires imagination. Set sail on an adventure together and sail all seven seas. It is a pirate ship? Exploring a new world? Slides, swings, and games around every turn.

AFTERNOON: Kids Vs Counselors

Bring your A game! Compete in different games and see if you can beat our counselors.

NIGHT: Superheroes

The world is in danger. Let’s create our costumes, select our powers, and save the world! (Costumes not supplied. You are welcome to bring your own!)